Digital online gallery

Feign Cubed (F³) is a digital online gallery space which runs on both mobile and desktop browsers. Feign Cubed started as a space where students could submit their work, which would then be curated by myself to form an exhibition. People who submit would take high resolution photographs of their work and I would go to work digitising them for suitability in the online space. With the digital space not having and physical restrictions, it gives me a huge element of freedom to experiment with the scale and placement of works - something that can't be done in the real world. Feign Cubed offers a free and instantly available gallery to anyone with an internet connection where artworks can be observed in the comfort of your own phone. 

The 3D environments are constructed in Autodesk Maya, rendered in Octane and published through RoundMe which is embedded to the Feign Cubed webpage. 

Click play to start the gallery, navigate by clicking and dragging 
Feign Cubed 1.0 - installation view
Installation view
Installation view