The works on this page are all designs for FLUX exhibition, an exhibition of art by 8 Manchester based artists. The premise for the show was to have artworks which were in a 'flow' state link together physically through repeated motifs in the exhibition space. There was a focus on digital artworks and 'fake' materials - thus the design for the promotional material was made to draw attention to the appearance of the font and logo - sometimes a jelly or glass material, sometimes scratched metal - materials with a very distinct physical appearance.

The exhibition guide design was made to be as clear and simple as possible. The visitor would pick up a single piece of paper which would contain all the necessary information for navigating the exhibition, with a numbered map, list of works, and short artist bios.

The fonts with materials were modified in Autodesk Maya and arranged in InDesign and Illustrator. The rest of the designs were arranged in InDesign.

Digital flyer, made in Autodesk Maya
Exhibition guide, including map, list of works and artist bios, made in InDesign
Selection of poster designs, made in InDesign
Design for printed flyer, made in InDesign
Digital logo design with transparency, made in Autodesk Maya